TEDDY BEAR 3 D trinket box, hexagonal box, decoupage!


Rozmiar i wykonanie.

To pudełko MIŚ 3D ma rozmiar 19 cm x 17 cm, wysokość 5 cm. Wykonane z drewna, zdobione metodą decoupage, lakierowane. W środku zdobienie  i może posłużyć jako prezent, a także być opakowaniem na jakiś gustowny drobiazg. Zamiast męczyć się w pakowanie papierem, wstążeczkami, szukać odpowiedniego pudełka. Wystarczy to! Trwałe wygodne, piękne i wielokrotnego użytku, a przez to eco!! U nas możesz zamówić pudełko według własnych potrzeb i pomysłu. Napisz, a spełnimy twoje marzenia:-)


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My daughter’s room is in an eternal mess! I tried to clean up from time to time but … “mom, where’s the eyelash curler?” – what is ? where what is – “eyelash lifter !!”. – “What does he look like?” – she showed me a photo on the internet. – “It was necessary right away, I put it to school stuff because I thought it was a drawing tool :-). -” Mother, please don’t tidy my room, because then I can’t find anything! But when a mother wanted to relieve her child, she studies all day, there is no moment for herself. I know, I’ll put her in the closet. In her absence, I tidied up there.



At 4 am he wakes me up. – “Mom, where was my blouse, which was hanging on the wardrobe door, I was supposed to go to school in it”. – What blouse, where what, how? Sleepy, I shuffled to her room. – “It was hanging on that door here, and now it’s nowhere to be found!” – you could see that she was nervous. – “I folded it and put it on the shelf. I took it out and my daughter grabbed her head. -” I ironed her yesterday. “In fact, it looked a bit wrong :-). The iron and ironing board went in motion and it’s ready.


When she left for school, I sat over a cup of coffee and found no more ironing at 4am. I’ll never clean her room again. She’s 18 and let her do it herself. But every time I walked down the hall, I glanced at its mess. When the bed can be made quickly and the clothes can be put into the wardrobe or put into washing, school and cosmetic items, some junk, jewelry were scattered all over the desk, the dresser and the dressing table. “Mom, this is a creative disorder, not a mess” – I heard her words in my head.


However, this slogan did not convince me. What to do with this? ? ? Hide!!! But I couldn’t touch anything.

Magic box.

So I gave her this beautiful box, decorated with the decoupage method. With a 3D Bear in beautiful, intense colors.


– “Mom, did you buy this box for yourself or for me?” she asked with a mischievous smile. Well, my bright child saw me right through. – “For both of us, baby.” – “Thanks, I like it, and let the next one you give me be with compartments.” Since then, I have given my daughter at least a dozen such boxes. I have not forgotten about myself either. I keep jewelry in my bedroom, cosmetics in the second, old photographs in the third. I gave a similar box to my dad for fishing trinkets and my mom for sewing supplies. There was no person who would not be pleased with such a gift!


Size and workmanship.

This 3D BEAR box measures 19 cm x 17 cm and is 5 cm high.  7,5 in x  6,7 in.Made of wood, decorated with decoupage method, varnished. A decoration inside and can be used as a gift, as well as a packaging for some tasteful little thing. Instead of bothering with packing with paper or ribbons, look for the right box. That is enough! Durable, comfortable, beautiful and reusable, and therefore eco !!

You can order a box with us according to your needs and ideas. Write and we will make your dreams come true 🙂

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