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Shipping in 24 hours! A box for handkerchiefs, wooden, decorated with the decoupage method, lacquered with beautiful ornaments in shades of brown and beige with a bit of gold. Height 13.5 cm, width 14 cm x 14 cm. If you have an idea for your own box, write to us and we will try to meet your expectations.

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Wipes – white everyday life.

In our home, handkerchiefs are used every day. The box is in the kitchen, which is decorated in a white and black style, plus silver accessories, handkerchiefs with pink flamingos on the table.

The bathroom is in shades of gray, and next to the sink – a box in blue teddy bears 🙂

In the bedroom, on the bedside table, which I arranged in a retro style, a box with colorful dolls. 🙂


I knew there were interesting handkerchiefs, but I heard only bad opinions about them. And that doesn’t fit those ladybug boxes. And the wipes stretch out badly, they tear, and then there is a problem with what to do with the used ones.

The worst thing is in my children’s rooms. The handkerchiefs are everywhere, on the bed, on the carpet, on the desk. A real white sajgon, and then pick it up … b … yuck.

Runny nose.

One day, like each of us several times a year, I was struck by a serious illness … a runny nose.

You can laugh but I hate this nuisance 🙂 I don’t think I need to write why ;-( I slipped under the covers, white madness with blue giraffes right next to it, and for the worn ones, I brought myself a small plastic fish bucket in Greek. so after a few sneezes it suffered an overflow and a white mess was scattered all over the floor and on the cupboard I didn’t have the strength to clean it up Qatar won the battle!

A friend of Renata visited me, the good spirit of our house, with a bag of tissue boxes, and each one was different. Elegant, decorated with the decoupage method, ideally suited to any style and interior.


Interestingly, she placed two on each table. In one she put a paper box with a ladybug, “and the other is for the used ones” – she said in an irresistible tone!


And from then on, our house is decorated with “Handkerchiefs”, good spirits keeping the rooms tidy. When the box is full, I open the bottom of the box above the trash can and they fall out without any problems. Just spray vinegar or disinfectant and the box is ready for the next stuffing 🙂



You can also win against a runny nose. It may have to last 7 days, but a mess, not a moment longer. Also a stylistic failure. The box fits perfectly on the ladybug ones, they stretch well and look stylish. In this photo, an ankle handkerchief, in shades of brown and beige, decorated with yellow stones and beautiful ornaments.




Box width 14 x14 cm, height 13.5 cm.

Most tissue boxes look like a shoe box. It has a removable lid and if you pull the tissue harder, the lid may fall off and the tissues may fall out. In this case, the bottom is zipped so that the paper box sits firmly in the wooden interior.


You can order any pattern for yourself, for a child’s room, for the office, as well as for a gift 🙂 Don’t let runny nose win !!!

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