Painting “Mustangs” hand-embroidered with cross-stitch on the canvas, handicraft. A treat for horse lovers!


Picture embroidered with cross-stitch on the canvas, hand-made. It presents “Mustangs”, wild, extremely hardy horses in America’s steppes. It is framed in a frame that perfectly matches the colors of the painting. The picture will be a great decoration for the home of any lover of these wonderful animals!

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Hand-embroidered image of “Mustangs”.

We offer you an extremely dynamic picture embroidered with cross-stitch, showing rushing mustangs in the wild steppes. A mysterious cloud rises in the depths, horse manes are blowing in the dry wind. Undeniably vivid and giving the impression of full of movement, the image of mustangs will give the room an extraordinary character and will undeniably delight the eyes of the household and guests. The highest quality materials guarantee that the image will be pleasing to the eye for a very long time.

The technique used to create the painting was cross-stitch embroidery on the canvas – a method that requires time, extraordinary precision and the artist’s concentration. It was made of mouline threads of various shades with a predominance of brown, blue and gray. The canvas with the embroidered picture is framed in a cream shade frame. The dimensions are 69 cm x 49 cm (27.17 in x 19.29 in), and the length and width of the image itself are 59 cm x 39 cm (23.23 in x 15.35 in).

Precise hand-made workmanship will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur. The painting can be successfully used as a gift for a lover of wild animals and adventures.

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